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i. Naturo-Food Therapy stems from the unique gift of Nature –that the human body can heal itself provided we allow Nature to take its own course without hindering it by unhealthy eating and by the unwise use of drugs and medicines which invariably have harmful side-effects

ii. The most simple and basic tenet of Naturo-Food Therapy is to replace gradually the diseased blood with new healthy blood by consuming health-giving and nutritious plant-based vegetarian diets of seasonal fruits and raw/steamed vegetables (organic if possible) which mop up harmful free radicals (toxins) and strengthen the body’s immune system, boosts the body’s ability to overcome virtually all kinds of existing and undiagnosed diseases, increases the body’s resistance to infections and slows down and even reverses the ageing process.

iii. Modest fee may be payable for each patient on registration, which will also cover consultations and treatment for one week.

iv. For acute and chronic ailments requiring treatments for longer periods of more than a week, a lump sum or monthly income-related consultation/treatment fee may be payable.

v. For fee-paying acute and chronic patients all consultations/treatment on the telephone or in person will be absolutely free for the whole duration of treatment which may extend up to six months or even more.

vi. However, further voluntary donations for the Charitable Trust Fund to promote and propagate the unique concept of Naturo-Food Therapy and Objectives of the Trust may be solicited during treatment and/or after full recovery and will be highly appreciated.

vii. Dietary regime as prescribed by the Naturo-Food Therapists should be strictly followed for steady recovery and regular contact with the Naturo-Food Therapist/s is essential for monitoring the progress of the treatment.

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