Naturo-Food Therapy

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Causes of Lifestyle Diseases

Goindis interest in natural diet all started when Mrs Gurkirpal Kaur Goindi’s Osteoarthritis problem became serious. She had this problem from the age of 15. After the doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi told her that it could not be cured, they went to Hyderabad for naturopathy treatment. That was the time when they got first hand knowledge about naturopathy and carried out extensive research into the subject. However, she developed even more serious problems of asthma, anaemia and digestive disorders that led to bleeding lungs and general debility. The doctors at that time had said that she would not live for more than 4-5 days. Instead of spending the last 4-5 days in the hospital, Mrs Goindi decided to stay at home and it was then in 1971 that the burning desire to see her recover from her many irreversible ailments made Dr. Satyendra Singh Goindi apply natural laws of nutrition on her. She came back from the very doorstep of death and was on the road to recovery within 12 days of sipping fresh unboiled milk to become an eminent naturo-food therapist herself. Thanks to her training in physical education, she became the author of a set of remedial exercises even for bed-ridden patients.

We are generally quite hale and hearty during our childhood. As we age, our unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise and sedentary life become the prime causes of obesity and most lifestyle diseases

Wrong and irregular ways of eating; faulty selection of eatables and drinks; wrong cooking and frying; excessive use of oils/fats, salt sugar and refined foods; a very rich diet; overeating; lack of activity/exercise and rest/sleep; stressful lifestyle; environmental pollution and most importantly ignorance of NATURE are the potent causes of many lifestyle diseases including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, raised blood cholesterol levels and heart ailments. Also allopathic medicines many a time interfere with the natural bodily process of removal of accumulated waste materials from the body and fill the internal system with toxins. Those who think they have no time for healthy eating and active lifestyle will sooner rather than later have to find time for illness.

Hijacking of Hippocratic Doctrine: Let Food be Thy Medicine

More than 3000 years ago the founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates of Greece had very appropriately said: “Let Food be Thy Medicine”. To this day doctors take the Hippocratic Oath in his name after qualifying. However over the ages this golden doctrine for healthy living has lost ground to the commercial interests of Pharmaceutical/drug companies whose medicines

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