Santokh Singh Parmar Chairperson

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Santokh Singh Parmar, B Arch, Dip TP, Dip LA, MRTPI, AITP, AIIA
Chairperson (DOB -27.03.1934)


My Education and Proffessional Career

I Santokh Singh Parmar (DOB 27-03-1934) qualified as an Architect (B.Arch-1959) from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi University, India. After working for one year (1959-60) in an Architectural Practice in Delhi, I joined Town and Country Planning Department of the Government of Punjab, India and worked as Town Planner at Patiala for one year (1960-61) and as Divisional Town Planner, Hissar Division covering five Districts for 4 years (1961-65). I migrated to the U.K in July 1965 and while working as Town Planner during the day and attending evening classes for 6 years, I obtained two further professional qualifications in Town and Country Planning (1969) and Landscape Architecture (1971) from School of Planning and Landscape, Birmingham, U.K. I am a Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, London (MRTPI), Associate of the Institute of Town Planners, India (AITP) and Associate of the Indian Institute of Architects (AIIA).

In the U.K., I worked as Town Planner in senior positions in the Local and Central Governments of England for 29 years (1965-1994). After retirement from the Civil Service in 1994, I practiced as a Planning Consultant to Local and Central Governments of England till December 2004.

My Ailments

i.Vitiligo : I had started losing body pigment due to vitiligo (Phulvairi) in 1986. After being under treatment for about a year in 1986/87 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K, the Consultants stopped treatment as the cause and cure of vitiligo were not known.
ii. Toe nails fungus : From adolescent age my toe nails of the right foot started getting thick one by one and became brittle and smelly by 1998. On 24-08-1998 nail clippings were sent by my doctor to Mycology Department of Bedford Hospital, U.K. for microscopy and fungal culture. However, no fungal elements were seen in microscopy and dermatophytes  (fungus) were not isolated after the culture of the nail clippings.
iii.Osteoarthritis : From early 1990’s I was suffering from acute pain in the left knee caused by wear and tear of the knee joint due to excessive driving (4000 to 5000 kilometers per annum) necessitated by my job as a Town Planner. By late 1990’s I was beginning to get pain in my right knee also. It was difficult to bend the left knee due to stiffness and pain. From 1995 to 1997 I was seen by Orthopaedic Consultants at the Bedford Hospital, U.K. where I had a few sessions of physiotherapy and even had a steroid injection once in the left knee. But the treatment did not work and I was told that “ at the end of the day, I will need a new joint” or have “athroscopy and washout”. But I did not opt for either and instead kept doing massage/self-physiotherapy/exercise of the knees to contain further deterioration of the knee joints. I have to point out here that I have not taken any allopathic medicines including pain killers since 1973.

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