Gurmukh Singh Girn Finance and General Secretary

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Finance and General Secretary(DOB -20.01.1950)

Before getting involved with the Trust, I was suffering from diabetes and cervical spondylosis due to long hous of desk job and lack of physical excercise. I was also not eating healthily and used to consume at least 10-12 cups of tea.

In 2003 when I was posted as Disrict Town Planner at Mohali, Punjab, my Town Planner friend SantoKh Singh Parmar used to come to my office. He informed me that Dr Satyndra Singh Goindi cures people of all sorts of ailments without any medication but by changing the food habits. I consulted Dr Goindi and followed his dietary advice religiously for about a month after which my diabetes was under control and cervical spondylosis was also cured with his suggested neck excercises.

Mr Parmar had also benifitted from Dr Goindi’s Food Therapy. He suggested that this Therapy should be promoted and he asked me if I could join him in establishing a Charitable Trust in Dr Goindi’s name. I was too pleased to help in this direction and agreed to become a Founder Trustee.

My Professional Career:- I joined the Town and Country Planning Department, Govt. of Punjab, India in 1983 as Assistant Town Planner and retired as Senior Town Planner in 2008. During this period I was on deputation as District Town Planner to The Union Territory, Chandigarh for 13 years.

Foreign Travels:- During my service, I had the opportinity through the Govt. of Punjab to visit many countries such as U.K, France, Germany, Switzerland and Nepal for study and refresher courses. In my worldwide travels after joining the Trust , I used to pay particular attention to the healthy foods and beverages of the host countries. I was particularly impressed by the proven health benefits of the Mediterrarian Diet, rich in fibre and low in fats, consisting of fruits, vegetables, raw salads, nuts/seeds, olive oil and red wine in moderation.

My Association with Social Organisations:- I am or was proud to be associated with many social organisations:

1. was General Secretary of Baba Skeikh Farid Blood Donors Council from 1994 to 2002 and donated blood 38 times,

2. am Executive Member of the Indian Society of Blood Transfusion, Chandigarh Chapter,

3. am Executive Member of the Institute of Spatial Planning, Environment and Research, Panchkula,

4.  am Honorary Finance Secretary, Amardeep Memorial Charitable Trust, Derabassi,

5.  am President , Business Association, JLPL Industrial Park, Sector 82, Mohali, and

6. am Executive Member of Guru Tegh Bahadar Gurudwara (Sikh Temple), Sector 34 , Chandigarh.

Gurmukh Singh Girn

Address: #1152,Sector 34C , Chandigarh 160022

Mobile: +91(0) 9814014252

Websites: &

January, 2014