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Hippocratic Doctrine

More than 3000 years ago the founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates of Greece had very appropriately said: “Let Food be Thy Medicine”. To this day doctors take the Hippocratic Oath in his name after qualifying. However over the ages this golden doctrine for healthy living has lost ground to the commercial interests of Pharmaceutical/Drug Companies whose medicines liberally promoted and prescribed by the conventional doctors may alleviate the symptoms of the disease but invariably fail to remove the causes. Moreover it is accepted by the medical profession and the drug companies alike that conventional medicines often have harmful side-effects.

Causes of Lifestyle Diseases

We are generally quite hale and hearty during our childhood. As we age, our unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise and sedentary life become the prime causes of obesity and most lifestyle diseases

Wrong and irregular ways of eating; faulty selection of eatables and drinks; wrong cooking and frying; excessive use of oils/fats, salt sugar and refined foods; a very rich diet; overeating; lack of activity/exercise and rest/sleep; stressful lifestyle; environmental pollution and most importantly ignorance of NATURE are the potent causes of many lifestyle diseases including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, raised blood cholesterol levels and heart ailments. Also allopathic medicines many a time interfere with the natural bodily process of removal of accumulated waste materials from the body and fill the internal system with toxins. Those who think they have no time for healthy eating and active lifestyle will sooner rather than later have to find time for illness.

Food and Blood

It has been established by the Gandhian Goindis couple (Dr. Satyendra Singh Goindi and Dr. Gurkirpal Kaur Goindi) without any doubt that good natural food makes good blood and bad junk food makes bad blood, which is the root cause of a multiplicity of lifestyle diseases suffered by ever increasing numbers of human beings worldwide. The most simple and the basic principle of Naturo-Food Therapy is to replace the bad diseased blood with new healthy blood by consuming natural health-giving nutritional and tasty foods and beverages as a result of which overalls health improves. Foods in their natural form have immense immune-boosting and disease preventing and curing properties. A normal food plate should have rich “plant-based diets” comprising of seasonal and regional fresh fruits, vegetables and green salads (preferably organic) sprouted/germinated whole grains and cereals, a portion of nuts and carminative herbs and spices.

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