Preventing or Curing with Naturo-Food Therapy

What is Bronchial Asthma?

1.       It is an illness of chronic inflammation of the bronchial passages (airways) causing swelling and constriction with or without increased mucus (phlegm) secretion and difficult breathing and wheezing sound as the breath is exhaled.

Asthma Symptoms

2.       Difficulty in breathing and wheezing on exhaling; persistent coughing; heavy breathing or gasping, exhaustion and shortness of breath; repeated respiratory infections like bronchitis and common cold; fast pulse rate upto 90 per minute or more; difficulty in sleeping; dry mouth and feeling thirsty; indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea.

Main Causes of Asthma

3.       Weak immune system; excessive use of antibiotics; junk food; early weaning and wrong childhood diet; heredity; obesity; allergies like pollens, house dust, pollution, smoke, nuts, eggs, chemicals etc; upper respiratory viral or bacterial infections like common cold, sore throat, influenza, bronchitis, sinusitis; stress/tension; unsatisfactory parental attitude; emotional state; climate; altitude; medicine side-effects.

Asthma and Allopathic Medicines

4.       There is said to be no cure in allopathy for asthma. Limited value of drugs and vaccines alleviates the symptoms only. Drugs are habit-forming and make asthma chronic and incurable. Two categories of medications: (i) quick relief medicines called relievers which can give instant relief but needs repeating; (ii) preventive medicines called preventers which used over longer periods control asthma better. Daily use of popular oral drug corticosteroid has worrisome side effects. Inhaler therapy with salbutanol corticosteroid delivers the medication in the form of tiny droplets directly in the lungs, brings quick relief and is said to have minimal side-effects.

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