What is Anaemia?

1. When the red blood cells are unhealthy due to less iron rich protein, called haemoglobin, a person is said to be suffering from anaemia. This protein is theoxygen carrier and gives the red colour to blood. Thus iron is the star among minerals needed by the body as it purifies the most vital of life forces – blood. iron in the blood
helps carry oxygen to the tissues, including the brain. Iron deficiency retards physical and mental growth.

Causes of Iron Deficiency.
2. Iron deficiency can be caused by severe blood loss due to injury or heavymenstrual bleeding, malnutrition, heavy sweating and stomach worms. Mostly iron deficiency is due to lack of iron in diet, especially ‘picky’ eaters – usually children or fast food junkies. Sufficient iron intake for teens is a must.

Symptoms I Complications of iron Deficiency
3. When iron (haemoglobin) levels drop, body tissues are starved of oxygen,resulting in one or more complications, i.e. fatigue, listlessness, drowsiness, diness,memory loss, poor concentration and shortened attention span, loss of appetite and poor digestion, cold hands I feet, swelling of the ankles (oedema), lowered resistance (low immunity) to diseases, repeated infections, frequent colds, headaches, dry skin,brittle hair and nails, rapid heart beat I palpitations, excessive I less bleeding or irregular periods.

Cure with Naturo-Food Therapy
4. iron overload with supplements should be avoided. Iron deficiency can easily be replenished by eating wholesome iron-rich natural foods in 2 to 3 months. Iron in the food is required in small quantities but its absorption in the body is a tricky affair. iron absorption increases 2-3 times, if iron-rich foods are eaten with vitamin-C rich

lron-Rich Foods
Meat – Lean red meat especially liver, poultry, fish, eggs. Iron in these is easily
absorbed. Absorption is even better, if consumed with green vegetables or beans.

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