Saying that are homosexual is one thing folks are “accused” otherwise “suspected” of will make it seem like a crime

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R170, I am not sure that which you suggested. I can’t view you so i can only translate what i understand. It can be simply your own crap, disdainful and you can supercilious technique for putting one thing and since you’ve had to improve your self, yet again, I would state We have a valid reasoning so you can understand you are a complete pussy.

Surely, r178, you happen to be alone exactly who thought some thing was incorrect with what is actually told you. Which will inform you some cita budista thing in regards to you.

“Suspected” doesn’t have a negative meaning. If someone else states “I think they are relationships” (making reference to a heterosexual couples), they aren’t implying you to relationship is a crime.

Oh, and i also thought Cynthia Nixon possess dedicated to Broadway, both before and after Gender while the Urban area, and you may, if i remember precisely, she has acquired a great Tony once the developing.

r186, that’s not being homophobic. Even though her brother think the brand new gossip and you may paparazzis is pathetic doesn’t mean she has one thing up against lesbians. It’s fucking pathetic just what news has arrived so you can. Some body have to avoid pull the homophobe-cards to possess everything you. It offers no definition ultimately.

r186, for folks who watch the fresh clips, Ali does claim that, however, Dina’s price is about a far more general concern regarding the all this new rumours inside gossip journals, perhaps not from the the guy homosexual question.

Most of the Dina states as a result for the gay real question is you to these include high family unit members. Okay got Dina’s most other offer from context toward post.

Perhaps love *is* comforting her off?

And therefore superstar starlet is publications anxiously obtaining in the future on their pages? Editors state he could be ready to shell out big money towards first interview.

That blind items is actually funny when the genuine. Really don’t consider she’d ever before emerge by doing this. She’s going to simply continue doing no matter what bang she really wants to create no matter the tabloids say regarding this lady.

I’m a good lesbian and i also most believed that there is one thing going on beetwen these but now I simply don’t think that they’re certainly not merely buddies. LiLo is really desperate for desire one she would sell even her own mom in the event that she you can expect to (oh wait. she performed) and i also don’t believe one she’s going to cover up a great flirt with a lady if she got you to or if she are happy to own you to.