A password From Integrity For Muslim Folk

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The fresh new childhood must pay extra special attention to the fact an equivalent Allah (SWT) who up until today provides all of us with your religious and you may thing requires, if we follow Their commands so you’re able to get Their fulfillment, then, The guy (SWT) tend to bath more blessings than before with the Their servants, and certainly, He will clean out almost every other barriers away from a person’s roadway.

Generate a take on Allah (SWT) by engaged and getting married, continue yourselves from sins, and you may seek the new pleasure and you can blessings from Allah (SWT). Rest assured that He will keep give you happy and work out your winning.

226 – Rule: It is Mustahab to track down married, even though that doesn’t worry dropping into the sin because of the maybe not having a wedding. ABGKLMST

227 – Rule: It’s Mustahab that a woman who is baligh (meaning she’s attained towards many years one to she have to meet the woman requirements to help you Allah (SWT)) would be to hurry to find a partner. GKLMT

In the same way (it is mustahab) in providing (marrying) a lady so you can a man which needs to get married. M

228 – Rule: It is Mustahab that costs towards the relationships, party and also the dowry feel at least amount. KGLM

Browse And you can Analysis About the Lover

Browse on each one of spouses-to-be happens in a choice of an immediate or a secondary ways. This is from direct is that both guy and lady inquire some thing straight from both; and you can indirect refers to the inquires you to renders concerning other person from others (for example a buddy, a relative, a neighbor, a great co-staff, etcetera…).

A) Statutes Away from Secondary Investigation

229 – Rule: It is permitted to carry out search and you will investigation from the just one of the spouses-to-become out-of people, no matter if it necessitates searching for their particular flaws otherwise that from this new respective nearest and dearest. AGKLMST