Ty Lee did actually provides identified Zuko as his or her very early youthfulness

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Ty Lee and you can Katara simply ever before came across when they battled for every most other. It very first found during the a good botched prisoner replace. Whenever Katara attempted to eliminate Mai having fun with waterbending, Ty Lee put chi blocking in order to disable Katara, leaving this lady defenseless. So it almost led to Katara’s overcome as a result of Mai. [4] Even in the event Katara fled unscathed together relatives, she build expertise in Ty Lee’s feel, claiming the woman ability to remove the girl regarding the lady bending electricity was scary. [5]

Katara and Ty Lee fought together to the several times after ward, including when Azula and her members of the family chased the team following Appa’s fur path [3] incase the latest Fire Country drill prepared to penetrate brand new structure out-of Ba Sing Se. [5] However, from the latter involvement, Katara properly battled out-of Ty Lee of the flexing the drill’s liquefied slurry, therefore capturing her, and you can angrily named the lady a good “circus freak”. [5] Within her disguise since an excellent Kyoshi Warrior at Castle in the Ba Sing Se, Ty Lee overloaded Katara using chi clogging, leading to Katara’s just take. [16] The 2 don’t work together for the rest of the Hundred or so Year War, nor on Zuko’s coronation.

From the aftermath of your own Battle, Ty Lee has actually once the entered the new Kyoshi Warriors and you may try establish on Flame Nation Funding when Party Avatar came into let Zuko and you may an unbound Azula to acquire its a lot of time-missing mother. While the a few didn’t physically collaborate, it seems Katara and Ty Lee no longer attention for each other’s visibility. [10]

Toph Beifong

Inside Hundred-year Combat, Ty Lee only realized Toph while the an ally of one’s Avatar and thus the girl challenger. Pursuing the achievement of Battle, Ty Lee joined anastasiadate this new Kyoshi Fighters which means didn’t come with need become antagonistic towards the Toph any longer. Because of the 102 AG, brand new family involving the female had attained the point where Ty Lee trusted Toph which have as to the reasons she is actually perception down and you will Toph grabbed observe of your negative improvement in Ty Lee’s ideas, caring enough to strive to elevator the latest women’s morale. Once they encountered Ty Lee’s sisters, hence enhanced Ty Lee’s gloomy attitude because she believed down more than getting element of a merged lay, Toph said that Ty Lee is actually the girl favorite from the 7 identical Ty sisters. [2]