John nearly cornered the new San’Shyuum as well as their Brute escorts, however, is too late to get rid of Truth’s avoid

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Quickly losing an energy off Sangheili Award Shields, John assassinated the Prophet and you can fled the fresh new forehead before it was missing by the neighborhood service provider. John jumped off the side of the dwelling and you may on the river less than. [54]

Losing awareness in the feeling, John is grabbed from the Flood’s main intelligence, new Gravemind. Immediately after, the latest Arbiter was also caught. The fresh new Gravemind appealed to help you John’s preferred interest in steering clear of the firing of the Halo array. Hesitantly, John concurred. New Gravemind next assigned one another captives having finding the List, giving these to the two most likely places that it could be found. John is taken to Higher Foundation, disrupting an effective sermon from the Prophet regarding Knowledge. Brand new argument between your Sangheili and you can Jiralhanae arrived since a direct outcome of John’s murder of Be sorry for, best the brand new Covenant so you’re able to municipal combat. [56]

John wasted no time for the devastating new positions of one’s Prophet’s guardians, going after the enduring Hierarchs compliment of Higher Foundation. A death Prophet out-of Mercy, contaminated from the mouth area of the good Pod infector, snarled you to Truth had purchased his Dreadnought so you can Planet where he would finish the exhaustion of human race. John up coming tore brand new Pod infector from Mercy and soil it. Ultimately, John are compelled to get-off Cortana behind. In case there are Halo’s activation, she’d detonate During the Emerald Clad’s reactors truly and you can perish that have the metropolis. John boarded new Anodyne Soul, not before encouraging to return getting Cortana just after he eliminated new Covenant. [57]

Look for Knowledge

Aboard the brand new Anodyne Spirit close Jupiter, John are called because of the Io Station, but handled broadcast silence. Rampaging from the boat, the guy made an effort to find the Prophet regarding Realities and assassinate him. John discovered themselves faced by an incredibly highest force regarding Covenant soldiers also at least about three Huntsman pairs, whom discharged into him while doing so. He had been hit by several assault cannon beams, and you can are confronted by an excellent Brute Chieftain just who began to interrogate him about the “Secret of Osanalan”. [59] Although not, this new Spartan caught new Brute with an effective plasma grenade and you can fled. The main continued his force from vessel, Brisbane hookup apps ultimately arriving inside Truth’s compartments and function their sights towards the Prophet. With Truth within his sights, [60] he was trapped by the treat of the a Jackal and take to in the the back. The guy dropped and you can landed right in front of one’s Prophet’s Brute guards. [61] John, having unsuccessful within his try to take control of brand new Precursor Dreadnought’s trajectory, battled his way out of Precursor ship’s airlock in a good commandeered Ghost. On top of your Dreadnought, he had been bought to locate a means to go back to World easily, [62] eventually tearing out of a doorway and utilizing it as a hot-air-protect in which so you’re able to dive down onto the globe below.