I became seeking to get 2 percula clowns, an enthusiastic Atlantic bluish tang (Acanthurus coeruleus), and you can sels

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Current fish include pygmy angel, flame cardinal and a very mysterious but beautiful 8 line wrasse. Is this all just a coincidence or can the wrasse and cardinal be the problem? I have a pair of juvi Clarki clowns and a yellow tang in my quarantine just about read to go in. What to do? Thanks as always, I would be lost without you guys. Ken

It prefer to bury on their own on sand at night, and you will “explode” out from the mud are (chill to look at)

Pass On The Wrasse! (Pt.2) Hi, Oh gosh! yes I should have told you his name. it’s Moe! and the new one is gong to be Larry! Sorry, couldn’t help that one. The surge is a Thalassoma purpureum. And the checkerboard is a Halichoeres hortulanus. I’m really interested in a purpureum, I don’t think I have ever seen such colors on a fish before. Thanks again, Lynn