Heart Disease


(i) Coronary Heart Disease, a lifestyle disorder on a global scale, is a complex and serious health problem and unless it is understood well, its management and control may not always lead to success. The emphasis here is on Naturo-Food Therapy in preventing and curing the dreaded disease.

(ii) More than 3,000 years ago, the founder of modern medicine Hippocrates of Greece had very appropriately said; Let Food be Thy Medicine. To this day doctors all over the world take Hippocratic Oath after qualifying. However, this golden doctrine has been hijacked by the commercial interests of pharmaceutical and drug companies whose medicines are liberally promoted and prescribed by the conventional doctors.

(iii) Wrong and irregular ways of eating, faulty selection of eatables and drinks, wrong cooking and frying, excessive use of oil/fat, salt, sugar and refined foods, a very rich diet, overeating, lack of activity/exercise and rest/sleep, stressful and sedentary lifestyle, environmental pollution and most importantly ignorance of Nature, are some of the potent causes of coronary heart disease and many other diseases. Also medicines many a time interfere with the natural process of removal of accumulated waste materials from the body and fill the internal system with toxins, which often cause harmful side effects — acknowledged by the medical profession and the drug companies alike.

(iv) The eminent husband and wife team of Naturo-Food Therapists Satyendra Singh Goindi and late Gurkirpal Kaur Goindi have successfully revived the Hippocratic doctrine. It is an established fact that good natural food makes good blood and bad junk food laden with chemical additives makes bad blood which is the root cause of a multiplicity of diseases suffered by ever increasing number of human beings worldwide.

(v) The most simple and the basic principle of Naturo-Food Therapy is to replace gradually the bad diseased blood with new healthy blood by consuming natural, health-giving and nutritious plant-based vegetarian diets of regional and seasonal fruits and raw/steamed vegetables (organic if possible), sprouted wholegrains/seeds, herbs and a handful of nuts. The nutrient/antioxidant/fibre-rich natural diets mop-up harmful free radicals and strengthen the body’s immune system which:

(a) boosts the body’s ability to overcome virtually all kinds of existing and future diseases
(b) increases the body’s resistance to infections and
(c) slows down and even reverses the ageing process

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