Ailments Cured By Satyendra Singh Goindi & Gurkirpal Kaur Goindi

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The Gandhian Goindis couple have, since the early seventies, cured hundreds of people in India and abroad suffering from all kinds of acute and chronic ailments with their unique Naturo-Food Therapy without any help from the conventional medicines. 100% success rate has been achieved when patients have adhered to the discipline of the natural diet prescribed by the Goindis. A brief description of a few difficult cases handled by the Goindis is chronicled below.

1. Uterus Bleeding – Mrs. Baldev Kapoor, teacher aged 50-Allahabad-1972. She was released from Kamla Nehru Hospital after 6 months of unsuccessful treatment for continuous bleeding from the uterus in a very emaciated condition. She was completely cured in 35 days with Goindis prescribed natural diet, daily warm neem water douche and sun bath.

2. Chronic Bronchial Asthma – Jeweller’s, son aged 25-Allahabad-1974 He became suicidal as he could not play cricket because of chronic bronchial asthma. However he could play cricket after only 3 months with Goindis mono-diet of specified seasonal fruit for several weeks and other nature-cure practices including steam bath.

3. Acute Gyne Pain – Mrs. Gurcharan Kaur, teacher aged 44-New Delhi-1974. She was suffering from acute gyne pain during mensutral periods which the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi had declared incurable. She was also diagnosed as suffering from incurable. T.B. of the eyes by the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and that she would go blind within 4-5 years. Both these ailments were treated successfully within 10 days fasting on boiled water followed by fruit juices, green salads and germinated cereals and grains. She is fit and fine to date at the age of 74 and still follows Goindis natural diet.

4. Enlarged Heart, Gallbladder Stone and Obesity – Wife of Railway Board Member aged over 40 years–Allahabad-1976. She was suffering from enlarged heart and preferred to be treated with Goindis Naturo-Food Therapy than by the conventional medical treatment involving surgery. She was fully cured within 58 days of all the three ailments with a mono-diet of specific fruit and regular consultation/advice from the Goindis.

5. Advanced Stage of Incurable Gout./Over-weight-Mrs. Mohini Goel aged 34-Chandigarh-1986. Suffering from acute pains due to advanced stage of gout was completely cured in 42 days with appropriate mono-diet of fruit and regular consultation with the Goindis and as a bonus attained healthy weight.

6. Old Age Problems-Dr. R.R. Diwakar aged 93-Karnataka State-1986. Bedridden Chairperson of Gandhi Peace Foundation and former Union Cabinet Minister and Governor of Bihar State greatly improved his overall health after staying with the Goindis and partaking their new diet based on the principles of natural dietetics. He wrote that his 15 day stay with the Goindis was a “windfall” for his health.

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