Ailments Cured By Santokh Singh Parmar


2009/3A – Sateshwari Devi (DOB-1965) : She was suffering from high blood pressure and obesity. Her weight was 74 kg while her height was 4 feet 11 inches only. She started Naturo-Food Therapy on 26-01-2009 and was cured of high blood pressure by the end of April 2009. Her weight came down to 65 kg.

2009/8 – Pritpal Singh (DOB-01-01-2009) : This gentlemen aged 69 was morbidly obese with a 92 kg weight (hieght5’-4”), was lethargic since the age of 18, had high blood pressure, was always constipated, was suffering from headaches and had pain in the knees. When he came to see Santokh Singh Parmar on 15-02-2009, he said he wanted to regain health and was scared of being bed-ridden for the rest of his life. He religiously followed the dietary regime and attended clinic at least twice a week. After about 2 ½ months all his ailments disappeared and he also shed 15 kg weight. On 03-05-2009 he handed over a four page handwritten commendation highlighting the health benefits of Naturo-Food Therapy quoted in part below:

“If one starts treatment (Naturo-Food Therapy) at the age of 70+ and he is lethargic and feels weakness since he was 18 years old, his weight is also 92 kg. One feels weakness after reducing 13-14 kg weight but this weakness goes away after doing light and easy exercise as advised by the Naturo-Food Therapist”. He then lists 30 benefits of Naturo-Food Therapy, a few are given below:

“One feels light and always fresh. Old days are numbered and new life begins. Always can work for 18 hours a day. All types of diseases disappear. He never feels any disappointment. Brain is always fresh. Always happy. He can take any type of exercise. His face always has a smile. No tiredness. He can even take extra responsibilities after the age of 70 years. Anger disappears. Life span increases. One is positive. Negative thinking vanishes. Patience increases. In a nut shell it is golden life. We should not delay to undertake Naturo-Food Therapy.”

This is considered to be a great tribute to Naturo-Food Therapy!

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